Proper Mental Training for Motocross Riders

28th Jul 2016

Motocross is known as a tough sport, being both physically and mentally taxing. The level of training and preparation that riders go through requires intense stamina and discipline. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your focus and getting your head in the game. Here, we will outline the proper mental training of motocross riders.

Pre-race conditioning

All the training you’ve gone through – including getting physically fit and improving your stamina – will go down the drain if you don’t have adequate mental preparation. Having scouted the track and re-checked your bike and gear, you also need to condition yourself, the key being that you need confidence.

Getting mentally prepared doesn’t just start the moment you kick off in the race, either, as you need to be focused way beforehand. Make sure to tune off all other thoughts except for the race ahead so you will be able to keep your mind on what you need to do.Conserve yourself mentally to avoid accidents and to keep a reserve of energy for some critical thinking on the field.

Focus on yourself

Motocross racing consists of the most hard-driven athletes, each of whom has his own tactics and skills. It can be quite distracting and overwhelming being on the track with the other riders, waiting to start at the gate. At this crucial moment, make sure you don’t let yourself get distracted by thinking about the competition.

The key is to focus solely on yourself and how you’re going to deal with the field. You can’t worry too much about the other riders and how they’re doing compared to you. If you do just that, you’re bound to lose your single-mindedness and risk injury or worse.

Mental rehearsals

Motocross riders have to get a lot of practice to master the different skills of a good racer. Before each race, the rider will get the lay of the land and inspect each element to ensure an excellent performance. However, there is also another crucial part to this, which is mentally rehearsing and visualising the track in one’s head before the start of the game.

Being in the moment

Presence of mind is another crucial aspect that you need to take into the racetrack. Being fully in the moment can be an overlooked element in a sportsman’s arsenal. You need to be able to stay in the zone and not worry about results. Just focus on getting through the race in excellent form. Stop your mind from recalling past moments of failure or weakness, and shut out all thoughts except the race ahead.

Comfort zones

Being consistent in your performances can be a good thing, but you need to decide for yourself where your limits are and where you should stop in pushing them. Think of it as you being in competition with yourself, improving your skills and abilities to achieve your goals. If you’re already achieving the heights you have been aiming for, make sure to not get too comfortable and let your guard down.

Recovering from mistakes

A previous bad race or training performance can be discouraging, but these experiences teach lessons and can push racers to do better. Once on the track, however, some riders might find themselves remembering those same mistakes while the race is imminent. These types of thoughts need to kept away as they can affect one’s confidence. Keep in mind that the more you feel bothered about your mistakes, the more you will have a harder time to keep focused.

Motocross demands a lot from its athletes, more so than other similarly tough sports. For a complete training, make sure not to neglect your mental readiness on and off the racetrack. Include mental preparedness training to your conditioning exercises with these elements in mind, and you will have an easier time dealing with each race.