10th Sep 2018

Here at MX Service Parts we are always looking out for our customers hard earned money to go as far as it can for them. The best part about our online store is that it offers genuine quality dirt bike parts at aftermarket prices. We use companies like ProX, Vertex, Athena & Winderosa. These companies actually sell their motocross parts to the manufacturers that make the bikes they ride, so what that means is some parts we sell are actually already genuine parts sold & used by the manufacturer in their new bikes. KTM use Vertex for all their pistons in their new bikes, Athena sell their gasket kits to KTM & Husqvarna. ProX make “ART” pistons which most of the Japanese like Honda, Kawasaki & Yamaha all use in house.

The real bonus for our customers is the price we sell those same parts for compared to what you will buy genuine parts for. Popular items in our store are our top end rebuild kits & bottom end rebuild kits. We can customise these kits as well so that you are only paying for what you need on that engine rebuild. The dirt bike parts in our listings are also in stock so that means if you buy that day before 3:00pm they will be sent that day with express post options available, which means you can receive parts next day to most capital cities and major regional areas within Australia.

Being diligent with service & maintenance on your motorbike will of course save you time & money as well. We can advise on how long a certain parts quality & service life is, say for example you have a Yamaha YZ125 2 stroke and you wanted to do a top end rebuild, you have options with pistons kits being cast or forged, the cast piston is lighter and better for racing but will wear quicker, the forged piston will be more durable but the piston itself will be heavier. So a quick call here for advice on dirt bike parts for your motorbike, will hopefully end up with you getting the best priced parts on what you really need in your situation.

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