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Athena has developed a wide range of FORGED pistons specifically

used in the OFF-ROAD market and manufactured by a

revolutionary computerised technology coming from GP races.

Athena forged pistons offer the best solution in terms of performance

and reliability, thanks to the redesigned squish areas,

modified compressions and superficial treatments, which improve fluidity.

Piston kits are sold complete with rings, wrist pins and circlips.


Surface treatments

Athena HIGH PERFORMANCE Pistons are subjected to special surface

treatmentswhen appropriate. This includes tin plating or PTFE

(Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating.

The result is less friction, improved sealing, and faster break in.

Lubrication ports in the Forged HIGH PERFORMANCE Pistons

incorporate additional oil passages in the bottom of the piston

over the OEM design. The result is improved lubrication

and cooling for both the piston and the piston pin.


Athena Pistons, Forged High performance and Cast Lite