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Connecting rods are supplied complete with crankpins,

Big and small end bearings complete with thrust washers

where applicable.


Hot Rods con rods are created from 8620 case hardened steel.

 In addition, the rods also undergo a process of double forging,

 which helps improve grain flow as well as

providing dimensional consistency—

 and that means a rod of uncompromising strength.

 To improve durability, all of the rods are also shot peened.

This process utilizing a stainless steel shot,

helps remove stress risers and creates

more smoothly blended radiuses. In the end, a Hot Rods connecting

rod is the most durable rod that  engine builders can buy.

 However, a rod is only as good as its supporting parts,

and that’s why a Hot Rods kit

 features only the most advanced and durable bearings,

crank pins and thrust washers.

 Case hardened, silver coated, flat profile KU bearings

are used throughout our entire

 line and high-quality, long-shouldered KZ bearings

are used in our two-stroke wrist pin bearing applications.

In short, our bearings are just as tough and reliable as our rods.

 Even our crank pins are subjected to the same rigorous standards.


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Hot Rods Con rod for Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha motocross bikes